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Brokerage Personal Line Claims Advocate


Personal Line CLAIMS SPECIALISTDetail-oriented, engaging, and solution-driven professional with extensive experience in processing claims for various clients in the insurance industry. Engages cross-functionally with producers and insurance carriers, providing reports and documentation necessary to expedite claims processes and meet client needs in a timely manner. Leverages outstanding communication skills and subject matter expertise in assessing insurance claims to ensure both clients and insurance carriers are satisfied with claim resolutions. Seeking to leverage experience within reputable brokerage firms offering claims specialist positions

Handled all claims processes by assessing reported circumstances, drafting reports, and liaising between clients and insurance carriers to ensure all information was consolidated appropriately. Submitted all reports to authorized persons to optimize claims procedures, serve clients better, and meet customer satisfaction based on company standards.

Obtained a great deal of recognition from clients for offering exceptional customer service and expediting the claims process, which improved referral prospects and increased profitability for the business.

Key Responsibilities:

Claims Processing: Handled multiple client calls outlining circumstances, locations, and relevant parties to assess, pacify, and mitigate potential problems. Liaised with the insurance carrier and processed claims based on evaluation ensuring all involved persons were appropriately compensated and held responsible.

Collaboration & Teamwork: Coordinated with interdepartmental divisions including insurance carriers, producers and AIGs, handling reports, assisting clients, and centers ensuring all assigned tasks were finished on schedule.

Documentation Management: Managed all claims-related documents, filling out an FNOL report and expediting processes through email and direct calls to address incidents involving natural calamities such as floods. Ensured all clients received the necessary service and help they need in a timely and professional manner.

Relationship Building: Established rapport with claims adjusters and provided the necessary information they needed to streamline the overall claims processes as well as meet high-level client satisfaction

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